Balazs Bercsényi is a multidimensional tattoo artist from Pécs, Hungary, with a distinct, identifiable, and meticulous style. His artistic work is heavily influenced by ancestral practices and ritual, spirituality, sacred geometry, the occult, and sculpture. He leads the industry as an expert in single needle and fine line black and grey talisman tattoos, which have become his trademark signature for independent art projects. Informed by an apprenticeship and subsequent artistic residency in London, England, at the age of 20 and subsequent international artistic study, his work received true international acclaim and recognition in the world-renowned Bang Bang art studios in New York City, United States. Balazs demonstrates a continuing passion for traveling and tattooing around the world, and his constantly-evolving artistic aspirations and professional practice have expanded into the exploration of illustration and fashion design as new mediums to bridge the gap between ancient tradition and modern elegance.