Receiving a tattoo is an impactful, life changing, and deeply transformational experience. The majority of my clients are looking to be transformed in some powerful and fundamental way through this permanent artwork. From this need and desire, The Retreat was born.

These days, anyone can be tattooed anywhere at almost any time. Our offering is something quite different from the norm; a process that ensures the transition into your new artwork is made as smoothly and thoroughly as possible. This Retreat changes the visual appearance of the receiver and positively enhances their energy coming out of the experience.

Through past Retreats, we learned that those joining us on this journey have always had at least one significant shift in their lives. They are looking for tattoos as talismans, symbols, and reminders of the transformation they are undergoing. Combining nearly four decades of practice and mastery, we curate a unique and specifically tailored voyage for each client – providing them with a beautiful, solid, grounded, and lasting transformational experience.

Through the combination of unique skill sets, we create a safe space for our participants to get a clear picture of where they are at in their transformational journey and what their uniquely designed tattoo actually represents for them; moving them into full energetic congruency and enabling them to fully embody the art piece that they will be wearing moving forwards.