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Balazs Bercsenyi is a tattoo and multimedia artist from Pécs Hungary. His artistic work is heavily influenced by ancestral practices and ritual, sacred geometry, the occult, and sculpture. His work first received international acclaim in Bang Bang art studios in New York City, United States. He became known for his meticulous fine line work and distinctive, layered and multidimensional designs that set a new artistic standard. Bridging ancient tradition with modern elegance, Balazs’ style plays with paradoxes. He leads the industry in single needle, black and grey talisman tattoos, which have become his trademark signature for independent fashion, AI sculpture and animation projects.

With the human body as his canvas, Balazs loves that he creates art that walks in the world. He sees tattooing is essentially a human experience and values deeply the collaborative process and connection behind every tattoo. He most enjoys designs that are a true co-creation with his clients, playing with the dimensions and translating layers of philosophy, spirituality and personal story that give each mark its unique meaning and power.